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What was Tom Hanks’ Diet for Cast Away

Thomas Jeffrey Hanks is an American filmmaker and Actor. He is known for his dramatic and comedic roles in movies. Tom is famous for his work worldwide and known as an American Cultural Icon.

He is motivated towards his work and does all the things that are needed for his role. As an example just take a look at Tom Hanks’s character in the movie Cast Away. He sheds more than 50 pounds to fit the character.

To lose this much weight, he follows a special diet. Here we will discuss what this diet is and how it helps the body to lose weight.

Why Tom Hanks Lose Weight for Cast Away

Cast Away is an adventure drama film released in the year 2000. It shows the story of a man named Chuck Noland who faced a plane crash and was stuck on a desolate Island.

He tries to escape the land but finds no way to do it. As a result, he gets stuck on the land and tries to survive. Because of the absence of necessities, he gets weaker day by day.

The condition of Chuck gets worse with time and to represent this Tom Hanks needs to shed a lot of weight. If he shoots the scenes regularly then it will not give a natural feeling and people do not get attached to the story.

From the storyline, it is clear that reducing weight is the major requirement of the movie. Tom Hanks showed a lot of commitment to his work. Because it is not easy for a normal weight person to lose more than 50 pounds within 4 months.

Also, when a person loses weight his energy levels get down and different parts of the body start to hurt. The other disadvantage of weight loss is that the mind can not focus on the work.

But Tom Hanks did great work in Cast Away even after reducing a lot of weight. However, losing weight is not an easy task. That’s why Tom Hanks follows a special diet routine with regular exercise sessions to shed weight in less time. Let’s see what this diet is and how it helps Tom Hanks to perform his role in the movie.

Tom Hanks Diet for Cast Away

To lose weight, Tom Hanks followed a strict diet and workout regimen. He almost lost 55 pounds in 4 months by following this routine.

His diet plan includes Carbohydrates from natural fruits and healthy foods like coconut milk and fish. In addition to carbohydrates, Tom ate large amounts of vegetables so that he can testify to his hunger cravings.

For a fit body, Tom did the two hours cardio training six days a week. The diet gives him the energy to survive the 2 hours cardio session and at the same time helps him to lose weight.

He followed this strict diet to do justice to his role in Cast Away. If you have seen the movie then you will know that before filming the Island scenes, the weight of Hanks is similar to the weight of a middle-aged man.

To film these scenes, Hanks needs to gain weight. For this, he ate a lot of carbohydrates and other food that helps to gain food. When he gains weight, the film shooting gets started, and when the majority of filming is completed, the whole team motivates Hanks to lose weight for filming Island scenes.

The production team gives Tom Hanks a time for a year to lose weight, and grow his hair and beard. During this time, the director (Robert Zemeckis) with the same team shoots another movie.

Critical Acclaim

Due to the immense hard work in Cast Away, Tom Hanks received appreciation from the public, critics, and many film producers and directors. In addition to that, Tom Hanks receives an Academy awards nomination for Best Actor in a Leading Role. He also received the Best Actor award in the 2001 Golden Globe Awards.

In addition to this, Cast Away gets nominated in many other award shows and received awards. Overall Cast Away is a hit movie and people appreciate all the performances. If you have not seen Tom Hanks’ performance till now then you should watch it now. Watch the movie and see his dedication to his roles.

Wrapping It All Up!!!

From Tom Hanks’s effort for a role, it is clear that you can achieve anything if you do an effort for it. No matter what you are doing, just do it with full passion and then see the results. In the end, you will succeed and get a true return for your efforts.

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