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Twitter Slams Van Jones For Community Apology At Jewish Event

Van Jones appointed himself the spokesperson for Black people at an annual dinner event hosted by a Jewish organization. And his apology “for the silence of [his] community” has sparked a divided debate on social media. In the majority, Black Twitter is nawttt here for Jones speaking on their behalf.

But before we get to the reactions, here’s what happened. According to eJewish Philanthropy, the UJA Federation of New York hosted its Wall Street Dinner on Monday (December 5). Ultimately, they reportedly raised $31 million as a crowd of about 1,400 people listened to themed talks on aiding Ukraine, the legacy of Covid-19, improving food insecurity, and combating antisemitism.

Per EJP, all speakers at the annual dinner touched on antisemitism. But Jones, the keynote speaker, made sure to issue an apology on behalf of a whole race for the words of one man: Ye. The artist has spewed controversial commentary for months, including anti-Semitic viewpoints and showing love to Adolf Hilter.

On Monday, Van began his speech with an apology for Black’s people alleged silence about ongoing Jewish discrimination. The CNN political commentator, whose godmother is Jewish, reportedly encouraged “a renewal of the Black-Jewish civil rights alliance” and slammed Ye, per EJP. 

“The reason this country is a democracy at all is because Black and Jewish people have loved each other and helped each other and supported each other,” Van reportedly said. “The best in your community and the best of our community stood together.”

The audience received Jones’ words and returned a loud applause as Jones yelled, “Ye, nay! Ye, nay! Ye, nay! No more, no more, no more!” 

Twitter Slams Van Jones For Apologizing To Jewish People On Behalf Of All Black People

Though the event happened on Monday, the moment started picking up steam on Tuesday evening. By Wednesday, Jones was a trending topic on Twitter. The reactions ranged from jokey jokes to critical think pieces–and most of the online feedback is not in favor of Van’s blanket apology.

Writer Michael Harriot tore Jones to shreds, calling him “apologetically Black,” in a sarcastic opinion piece for The Grio. 

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