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NWA Roundup: Bully Ray put through table, Shaw vs. fashion model, more!

Let’s check in on the National Wrestling Alliance.

Coming off the Alwayz Ready PPV, the season 9 premiere of NWA Powerrr (S9E1) featured Bully Ray getting beat up and Taya Valkyrie dishing out revenge.

Bully Ray kicked off the show by being chokeslammed through a table. Mike Knox and VSK interrupted Bully’s promo. Knox hugged Bully as old friends, then Knox’s attitude shifted to anger. He called Bully a complete phony and a piece of garbage. Knox claimed that Bully ditched his pals to get paid while they were left starving. Bully declared that he is a different person now. Bully looked Knox in the eyes and apologized. When Bully offered a handshake, Knox answered with a punch to the kisser. Knox then put Bully through a table.


The night didn’t end well for Knox and VSK. They wrestled Thom Latimer and Chris Adonis in the main event. Down the stretch, a teamwork Irish whip sent VSK running right into the Master Lock submission from Adonis. Knox charged forward, and Adonis caught him too in the Master Lock. Latimer closed out with a sitdown powerbomb on VSK for the win.

Taya Valkyrie got payback on Taryn Terrell in singles action. It was Terrell’s trifling that cost Taya the match against Natalia Markova at Alwayz Ready. Taya opened a can of whoop ass on Terrell to win via Road to Valhalla.

In the funniest moment of the episode, Trevor Murdoch was confronted by two goofs. The NWA worlds champ spoke about supporting local food banks. He was interrupted by Rush Freeman with threats for violence. Freeman claimed his big brother was going to bring the ruckus to Murdoch. The champ’s response was to punch Freeman in the face. Freeman’s brother ran in. He was half the size of Murdoch, but that didn’t stop him from throwing blows. Murdoch quickly put him down with a big boot then slammed Rush hard on the mat.


Speaking of the NWA Worlds Heavyweight Championship, Matt Cardona had a promo backstage with Chelsea Green. He may have relinquished the title, but he is still the real champ. Murdoch is just keeping the belt warm until he returns from injury. The Cardonas teased that nobody knows what Billy Corgan said to them in the ring, and they won’t forget.

The season 3 premiere of NWA USA (S3E1) featured “Hatchet” Sam Shaw (fka Dexter Lumis), Homicide, and Ricky Morton in action.

Shaw wrestled against an Italian fashion model named Mercurio.

Shaw had his work cut out for him, but he rallied in the end with a spinebuster, uranage, and the Silence kata gatame choke to win. Afterward, Mercurio was upset with Shaw for making him make the ugly face. Mercurio demanded an apology. The closer Shaw got, the further Mercurio backed away up the ramp to the exit.

In the main event, Homicide teamed with Ricky Morton and Kerry Morton against the trio of Colby Corino, Jay Bradley, and Wrecking Ball Legursky. The babyfaces took care of business for victory. Ricky rocked the Fixers with a suicide dive. Kerry ducked a clothesline from Corino to score the winning roll-up.

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