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Momma Dee Says Scrappy Profited From Trap House Upbringing

Nearly a month ago, Momma Dee and Lil Scrappy were trending after a televised, heated talk about his childhood. The Atlanta artist emotionally confronted his mother about growing up “in a wh*rehouse…in a trap house”  and its influence on him. The moment was filmed in April and aired on November 7. Days of online reactions followed, then the innanet moved on.

But Momma Dee recently used some vacation time to address Scrappy’s experience. While sitting at a poolside bar, Dee reminded her son that he “profited” from her trap lifestyle.

“What my son did to bring it up on TV [saying] I seen prostitutes, I seen you selling drugs,” Momma Dee said, seemingly mocking Scrappy. “But yeah, b*tch, but you profited off that. You got clothes, you fed.”

It’s unclear why she reignited the moment, but her claim is a truth Scrappy has already given her credit for. In the televised moment, the rapper thanked his mother for doing what she could and had to do.

“…I ain’t taking nothing from you cause you put me there. You put money in my sh*t. You gave me sh*t to help my rap career and all that sh*t,” Scrappy told Dee. “Ain’t nobody do that but you. So I love my momma and I love my wife.”

Dee Seemingly Suggests She Started Trapping After Car Accident  

Still, in the stream, Momma Dee told her viewers she wants Scrappy to “speak the whole truth.” Her truth is that she was in a head-on car collision two years before [that], presumably the start of her trapping.

“Couldn’t walk, and I got proof. I got medical records,” Dee slurred. “So then…really, really, Scrappy? But that’s okay, I love him, he’s my son. I just want my kids happy. He’s my son. I love him.”

She warned that if anyone comes against her son, she’ll get rude first. But then, she reiterated that she wants Scrap to be happy.

The video was first reported by Gossip In The City. 

Lil Scrappy Gets Real About His Upbringing

His happiness is precisely what Scrappy asked his mother to be supportive of back in April. He asked her to stop trying to create division in his marriage.

“You gotta stop because you don’t have nobody, that should make you support this even more because you know that I want somebody. Like, I’m in love with this, all this,” Scrappy told Momma Dee while pointing at Bambi.

In April, things were already tense between Scrappy and his momma before they insulted, yelled, and came to peace in front of their castmates. Scrap admitted he gave Dee a “deserved” cussing for telling people he was divorcing Bambi. He said that her energy was different on the phone–she was supportive of his marriage in private but not in public.

“…I feel like Momma dukes deserve it. I mean, she always messing with me and Bam, but at some point, enough is enough,” Scrappy said. “You know this not normal, like regular moms don’t do this sh*t. And after this, it’s gon be a real big boundary cause I came from a broken home, and I’m trying to break the generational curse.”

Hours before the video of Momma Dee started circulating, Scrappy shared a message about pain and happiness with his Twitter followers. Scrappy has yet to respond to his mother’s latest antics.

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