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Mariah The Scientist Sparks Mixed Reactions With Photoshoot

Mariah the Scientist, an R&B artist who’s been romantically linked to Young Thug, has firmly divided Twitter with a recent photoshoot she did for Galore.

‘The Art Of Being A Woman’

It all went down on Tuesday when the shoot and accompanying interview, which were previewed last week, were released.

The overall theme of the photoshoot appeared to be centered on Mariah the Scientist portraying a woman visiting a partner in jail. Some of the standout aspects of the pictures include Mariah appearing to expose her breasts, as well as the incorporation of a random baby.

We should also add that the title of the feature was “The Art of Being a Woman.”

Twitter Users Have Vastly Different Opinions About The Pictures

As the images began circulating, people began chiming in.

Many felt as though the premise of the shoot was just “weird” and “disrespectful.”

Mariah was even accused of “cosplaying as a prison wife” and using Thugger’s situation for clout.

The presence of a random baby, along with the title of the feature, also put some off.

However, others were fans of the photoshoot.

There were also plenty of people thirsting over one photo in particular.

We also have to point out that Dr. Miami got in on the conversation, too!

One user humorously noted the disparity between people’s reactions.

Despite the support, the backlash appears to have gotten back to Mariah, as she tweeted, “Everything I do get y’all tight, hate that for you.”

Shared Links To The Article Now Redirect To A Password-Protected Page

While Galore hasn’t directly acknowledged the controversy, we should add that social media-based links to the article in question now appear lead to a completely unrelated piece on Mariah the Scientist, which is password-protected.

What do you think about Mariah the Scientist’s Galore photoshoot?

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