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Mama June: Road to Redemption star breaks down in tears & reveals heartbreaking secret health crisis in sneak peek clip

Mama June Shannon shared a special connection with her personal makeup artist, in a sneak peek of the next new episode of her reality show, Road to Redemption.

The reality star and her helper both broke down in tears as they discussed and compared their secret health crises.


Mama June’s makeup artist broke down in tears after revealing she has been discriminated against because of her sizeCredit: WeTV
The reality star bonded with the artist over weight gain and loss


The reality star bonded with the artist over weight gain and lossCredit: WeTV

In the preview, June, 42, started by making small talk with her makeup lady, Jamie Lopez.

The reality star asked the craftswoman how she got into the makeup business.

“I’ve always been into makeup since I was a teenager,” Jamie replied, before revealing that other professional makeup artists would discriminated against her because of her size.

Jamie does not deny that she is severely overweight in a typically judgemental industry.

She revealed that at her heaviest, she was completely bed ridden.

“I didn’t leave my house for two years,” Jamie confided in June. “I was living in a bed.

“It was two years before I even stepped foot out of my house.”

Jamie confessed she topped out at over 800 pounds, and suffered from heart failure, before dropping down to 500 pounds as part of a stipulation for a bariatric sleeve surgery.


The sleeve is something June knows a lot about, having undergone the procedure several years ago.

And even though she has since gained back more than 100 pounds, according to the star herself, she still recommended it to her new friend.

“I had the sleeve seven years ago and I lost weight very fast,” June shared.

But she also admitted to not following the directions for post surgery success, and is currently considering having another procedure.

“The only thing about the gastric sleeve is that you have to go to like, baby food and shakes but I didn’t do all that,” June finally confessed.


In May, June revealed that she is happy with her body at its current 240 pounds.

“I’ve kind of stayed at 230, 240 pounds, so that seems like where I’m going to stay I guess,” she exclusively told The Sun.

“If I lose more weight then that’s amazing. If I don’t and I don’t go any higher than where I am, I’m pretty cool with where I’m at right now.” 

While the mother-of-four revealed she is happy with her weight at the moment, she hasn’t totally sworn off the idea of going back under the knife

“I’ve thought about doing the gastric sleeve again, like the revision surgery, but who knows, I would have to take care of some other issues first before I can be able to do that,” June, 42, added. 

June, who starred in Mama June: From Not to Hot, underwent gastric sleeve surgery in 2016, which was followed by a tummy tuck. 


In the preview for the new episode, she admitted bonding with Jamie helped put her own battles in perspective.

“Sometimes I kind of forget how far I’ve come,” June said. “Yeah, I may weigh 240 pounds today but I also used to weigh 550 pounds.

“And that’s what I got from her, is that no matter how big (Jamie’s) been in her life, she’s really a positive person.

Then June took it all to heart.

“And so whether I have the surgery or not, I’ve got to love myself for me.”

Jamie and June discussed gastric surgery options


Jamie and June discussed gastric surgery optionsCredit: WeTV
June had a gastric sleeve, but has since gained back nearly 100 pounds


June had a gastric sleeve, but has since gained back nearly 100 pounds
June told The Sun she is satisfied with her current weight


June told The Sun she is satisfied with her current weight

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