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Kanye West Has Retained Yet Another Legal Counsel In His Ongoing Divorce Battle With Kim Kardashian

Robert Stephan Cohen, who once served as an attorney for Melinda Gates, has been retained by Kanye West as his divorce attorney. Cohen is a seasoned legal professional with vast experience defending billionaires in divorce proceedings.

On Wednesday, a representative for the senior partner at Cohen Clair Lans Greifer Thorpe & Rottenstreich LLP revealed to Page Six that West had just recruited him as counsel for the rapper’s divorce proceedings from Kim Kardashian .

TMZ stated that West, 45, has retained attorney Nicholas A. Salick in California, where the case is being tried, even though Cohen is headquartered in New York.

Cohen, 83 years old, discussed his procedure for handling celebrity divorces in a profile published in 2021 Insider. According to Cohen, this procedure includes pulling financial statements, reviewing the details of his client’s assets, and conducting a 90-minute initial interview about the psychology of how to deal with the divorce.

About the work that he performs for a living, the attorney remarked, “There’s the awful aspect, the disintegration of a marriage.” But, on the other hand, we can launch people’s careers and offer them a fresh start in life thanks to this.

Chris Rock, who retained Cohen to represent him in his divorce from Malaak Compton-Rock, his wife of 20 years, told the site that his lawyer’s calming presence helped him get through a challenging moment in his life when he was going through his divorce.

According to the comedian, age 57, divorce attorneys are similar to doctors in a strange sense. They need to have an approachable demeanor with patients. And on top of that, Bob has a very calming demeanor. It gets you through and lets you see the bigger picture. He elucidates the facts and circumstances of the scenario.

Cohen was involved in one of his most high-profile cases when he assisted Gates, 58, in settling her divorce from Bill Gates for an estimated amount of approximately $76 billion.

Cohen is West’s fifth attorney in this divorce case, as the billionaire entertainer has gone through a revolving door of lawyers to defend him over the last year and a half. Cohen is West’s counsel in this case.

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