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Jordin Sparks Sides With Chris Brown Amid AMAs Controversy

With the 2022 American Music Awards (AMAs) canceling Chris Brown’s tribute to Michael Jackson, Breezy has recently become the center of conversation. Despite many calling for Chris to be canceled for past wrongdoings against various people—including stars like Rihanna, Karrueche Tran, and Kehlani—Jordin Sparks has his back.

Jordin Wants People To Focus On Breezy’s Talent—NOT His Past

TMZ caught up with Sparks in New York City earlier this week and asked for her stance on the situation.

After pointing out that people “love asking [her] about Chris,” likely because they recorded the track “No Air” together, Jordin said that he really should’ve been at the AMAs.

“We love Chris. He should’ve been there.”

The interviewer then asked Jordin if Breezy’s critics should “move on from what happened” in his past. In turn, the singer shared that she thinks the conversation should be on his talents rather than his past mistakes.

“Honestly, I think that shouldn’t even be a conversation anymore. It’s about his talent—they just shouldn’t have canceled the performance. That’s how I feel about it.”

Sparks continued, adding that everyone—especially Chris—should have the opportunity “to grow and learn” as a person.

“I just think people deserve to be able to grow and learn and be able to live their life without things hanging over that. Everyone deserves that. Him especially.”

Her Support Echos Kelly Rowland’s Stance

This sentiment is similar to comments Kelly Rowland recently made about the situation.

While accepting the Best Male R&B Artist award on Chris’s behalf at the AMAs, Kelly gave Breezy his flowers. Notably, she also shushed a rowdy audience by telling them to “chill out” with their reactions.

“I want to tell Chris, thank you so much for making great R&B music, and I want to tell him thank you for being an incredible performer. I’ll take this award [and] bring it to you. I love you. Congratulations, and congratulations to all the nominees in this category.”

Shortly thereafter, she doubled down on her stance during a conversation with TMZ.

Like Jordin, Kelly firmly believes that Chris should be allowed to evolve as a person. The “Kisses Down Low” singer also said that Breezy, like every single other human being, “deserves grace.”

“I believe that grace is very real and we all need a dose of it. And before we point fingers at anybody, we should realize how grateful we are for every moment that we get…

I just think it’s important to be humans, we are humans. We all need to be forgiven for anything that we could be doing, anything that we’re thinking. We all came up short in some way and grace is real. We are humans, and everybody deserves grace, period.”

What do you think about Jordin Sparks and Kelly Rowland having Chris Brown’s back through the controversy? Also, do you think Chris should still have his past wrongdoings held over his head, or do critics need to move on?

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