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Jessie Ware Centers Herself With ‘Real Housewives of Beverly Hills’


Jamie Lee Curtis said that whole thing about like, Why doesn’t Coldplay do a matinee? I completely agree with her. Apparently Little Mix have always been doing matinees. Much respect to them. The idea of going onstage at 9 p.m. sometimes fills me with total dread, when I’m usually in my pajamas watching “Real Housewives” or something. Can you call a lunch a matinee? Anything that’s, like, in the day. Then you have time to digest it, understand it, enjoy it. But also time for that eight hours sleep.


I don’t do it enough, but I appreciate them so much. And handwritten cards. Emails, I’m over it, I know that that’s how we function. Text messages, I get it. But there’s nothing more thoughtful than a handwritten letter. I think I read that Reese Witherspoon did this, but I write my children a letter every year. They’ve all got their own book, and I write them a letter, mainly so I can remember what they did in the year. Because I know that when they get to like, 21, then they’re going to ask me and I’ll be like, I don’t know what your first word was.


It’s kind of where I began singing. It’s something that’s really inspired how I make music — that idea of escapism and the idea of melodrama combined with emotion. I like that fantasy aspect of it, that it can kind of elevate. If you say you hate musical theater, I’m going to question our friendship, because I don’t believe that you’ve gone to see good enough musical theater.


I’m talking about the first season of the British series. If anybody played the game at university called Mafia, where you have to say who the killer is and they have to kill other people whilst you’re like, staring? The premise is that, and we would all be very rich if whilst we were getting stoned at uni, we thought that could be a great format for television.


There was a time when you could get Valium in India when I was in my 20s. That was a fantastic time. But also for the products, particularly in the French pharmacies, the beauty products. I mean, you can now get Bioderma everywhere now, but there was a time where everybody would come back from Fashion Week with loads of Bioderma. I love perusing the aisles of a foreign pharmacy and getting any kind of insect repellent, sunglasses, chewing gum.


I got it for my husband for Christmas, but I wear it. It’s obscenely expensive. One day my beautician came ’round to give me a wax, and I said, “You smell really good!” She went, “Oh babe, I got it in Zara.” I was like, You’re kidding me. Zara has done a knockoff, so you don’t need to spend the bloody amount of money that I did. It smelled exactly the same.

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