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‘It Looks Natural. It’s Not’

With her highly anticipated SOS project, SZA seemingly set the record straight about the speculation on her body.

SZA Addresses The BBL Rumors & Is Cheered On By Fans

On the album’s eponymous first track, SZA straight up owns that she’s gone under the knife, which has been a matter of speculation for a while.

She goes as far as to respond to claims about her body “look[ing] natural,” saying, “It’s not.”

“So classic, that a** looks so fat. / It looks natural. / It’s not.”

Additionally, she speaks on the subject at the start of “Conceited” by proclaiming that she has “no guilt” over getting her “body done.”

“I just got my body done, ain’t got no guilt about it / I just heard your opinion, I could’ve did without it.”

In response to SZA’s revelations, listeners proceeded to shower her with support and hype her up.

Fans were also glad to see her speaking on the rumors at the very beginning of the project, as she started off with a bang.

Twitter Can’t Get Enough Of SOS

Aside from the plastic surgery conversation, people on social media were also widely discussing how enamored they were with the project.

From the looks of the timeline, saying that listeners were pleased with SOS would be an understatement.

Audiences were super hype over SZA “sampling herself,” as she incorporated some lyrics from “Hit Different” into “Love Language.” One user went as far as to call it “iconic.”


The album’s second track, “Kill Bill,” notably earned a few shoutouts, suggesting that it could be a fan favorite.

Her rap skills being put on display in “Smoking on my Ex Pack” was also discussed.

Speaking of other genres, some said SZA was getting into her “2000s Avril Lavigne” bag. Other musical styles came up as well, showing that SZA was all about trying out new vibes with SOS!

Of course, the project also sparked reflections on healing and stirred up some emotions.

What do you think about SZA’s revelations, and do you think SOS lives up to the hype?

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