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I’m a fashion expert – 7 clothing mistakes that make you look old and tired

A STYLE expert has revealed seven ways clothes can make you look old and tired.

Olesia Borodenko, an online personal stylist, said the right fashion choices can knock years off your appearance.


Olesia Borodenko, an online personal stylist, details the clothing items that make you look old
Borodenko said wearing heavy items, like chunky sweaters, makes you look older


Borodenko said wearing heavy items, like chunky sweaters, makes you look olderCredit: Getty

Borodenko shared her advice in a recent Youtube video while adding that facial injections are the most effective way to make people look younger.

She went on to explain that clothing also plays an important role, depending on if you want to look young or mature.

“The clothes we wear can influence not only our behavior and how we feel ourselves but also, clothes influence our appearance’’ she said in the video.

“Do we look fresh or tired?

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“Do we highlight our black eye do or we hide it, as we do with the help of the concealer?”

She then shared several style tips to help you avoid looking old or tired.

Avoid velvet and tweed 

Borodenko said that velvet and tweed jackets and dresses, especially, can make people look more mature.

“These types of fabrics are pretty heavy and they’re more official,” she said.

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“For example, when I say tweed, you can think about the Queen of Great Britain, or the classic Chanel look.”

If you love these fabrics, Borodenko says to wear them away from your face.

You can also mix and match, like wearing a tweed jacket with a T-shirt.

Don’t wear black near your face 

“I do love the total black look,” Borodenko said.

However, she added that black can accentuate the “face changes” associated with aging, like gray hair and wrinkles. 

She said she thinks women under 60 look older with black eye makeup.

“They need to make more neutral tones of the makeup, or to use not the black color but dark green, dark brown,” she said.

“They are more soft.”

She recommends wearing black away from the face. Instead, opt for black trousers or skirts.

You can also wear a black jacket if you mix it with light colors like beige, or something to highlight your face, Borodenko said.

Jewelry is your friend

Jewelry can easily highlight your face, and make it shiny.

You just need to choose it according to your skin tone, the fashion pro says.

If you have a warm skin tone, wear gold. If you have a cold skin tone, wear silver.

Heavy materials add weight

She went on to say that heavy materials add weight to a person.

Heavy lace or a coarse, knitted sweater can make you look tired when their weight is close to your face.

Borodenko thinks these patterns are “already old-fashioned” but says if you want to wear them, to make sure you wear smooth items near your face.

Printed materials should be retired

Not all prints, but huge floral and paisley prints make you look older, according to Borodenko.

She said lots of women think that they are looking younger by wearing these patterns.

“Avoid wearing such prints,” she said.

Advice on oversized items

A T-shirt without structured shoulders adds more volume to your breast area, and dresses without undergarments don’t add shape to your body.

They make you look heavier and older, she said.

If you want to wear oversized things, use fresher yarn and wear things that are structured.

Avoid old fashion jewelry

Dark metal necklaces and earrings that have “strange” shapes should be avoided, according to Borodenko.

Large stone necklaces or earrings also fit into this category, she said.

She said when you’re wearing these items, you’re showing you are not into to the trends.

Instead, she said, wear simple and clean jewelry.

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