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Goodbye, Forever? Panicked Twitter OGs Recap App’s Most Poppin’ Viral Moments

With rumors of an impending Twitter shutdown, internet users came together to reminisce about some of their favorite moments on the platform.

It all unfolded on Thursday evening, as reports began circulating that Twitter HQ had lost a staggering number of employees in a short amount of time due to an ultimatum delivered by its new CEO, Elon Musk.

Tweeters Panic Over The Future Of Twitter

As word of the situation at Twitter HQ continued to spread, users swiftly began reacting to the prospect of the platform potentially going under. Tweets with hashtags like #RIPTwitter, #GoodbyeTwitter, and #TwitterDown began spreading like wildfire.

Notably, Tumblr got in on the mess, too.

A Silver Lining Through Memes And Reaction Videos

Through the madness, some users went on to open up discussions centered around people sharing some of their favorite media and memories from the platform. The general idea was to share some of the most memorable aspects of Twitter for the sake of preserving the culture, as many appeared to genuinely believe that the site was in jeopardy.

In turn, Twitter was soon flooded with some memorable pieces of media that went viral on the site, as well as some new gems.

A number of the submissions were screenshots of memorable tweets.

It was also meme and reaction video galore down in the threads.

People also shared music-based videos.

As users sought to potentially end their Twitter run on a fun note, there was plenty of humor to go around.

Should Users Preserve Their Twitter Archive?

Thankfully, Twitter is still up and going strong, so your favorite memes, reaction videos, and bookmarks are still safe (for now, at least).

However, with this shutdown scare, various outlets like The New York Times and The Guardian have begun instructing concerned users on how to download or generally preserve their Twitter archive, just in case.

What do you think about the Twitter shutdown debacle, and will you be going through to save your favorite tweets while you still can?

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