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GloRilla Makes Comment About Enjoying X-Rated Food Condiment

GloRilla‘s recent comment on how she likes to eat her food is so outrageous that I’d even give Saweetie a run for her money!

During a sit-down on Angela Yee’s Lip Service podcast, the subject of being “freaky” in bed came up. While discussing the matter, GloRilla proclaimed that she’s open to doing “some weird s**t.”

“I do some s**t that I’ve never heard of…Some weird s**t.”

Despite her apparent hesitance to go into detail, the “F.N.F (Let’s Go)” rapper wound up sharing what she meant after being encouraged by the hosts.

GloRilla: ‘Just [Ejaculate] On My Fries Real Quick’

GloRilla began by bringing up “swallowing” after performing fellatio, and she went on to reference a time when she and a partner had sex immediately after eating.

Jumping straight to her point, GloRilla shockingly said, “If you [ejaculate] on my food, Imma eat it.”

She followed this up with an even more graphic comment.

“Just [ejaculate] on my fries real quick, and Imma eat it.”

Understandably, the subject found its way to Twitter and left people either laughing or shaking their head.

Big Glo Clarifies That She ‘Was Just Playing’

Eventually, GloRilla broke her silence on the clip and seemingly tried to backtrack, as she declared she “was just playing.”

In spite of the Memphis-bred rapper’s clarification, however, Twitter users were still cutting up in the comments!

GloRilla Stays Dropping Gems

This situation comes on the heels of other surprising revelations GloRilla has made this year.

During an appearance on British radio show KISS Fresh, Big Glo apparently learned that foxes are, indeed, real animals.

The subject came up while discussing the animals overrunning South London, and GloRilla admitted that she “never even knew foxes was real.”

“I can’t believe it. I never even knew foxes was real.”

Last month, she also took to Twitter to humorously share that she never knew ham was pork.

What do you think about Big Glo’s comment, and do you believe that she “was just playing?” Also, do you have any food preferences that others would find odd?

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