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(Exclusive) Yung Joc & Kendra Robinson Step Into TSR As She Clarifies What She Meant About Not Wanting Joc’s Sons To Follow In His Footsteps 

Recently Yung Joc and his wife Kendra Robinson made headlines after they got into a little debate after Kendra shared that she wouldn’t want his sons to follow in his footsteps.

The couple, who celebrated their first year of marriage earlier this month, was featured on the cover of Suavv Magazine, and during the on-camera interview portion of the spread, the couple ended up in a bit of a debate as Joc’s past was talked about, and Kendra expressed that some of the things Joc has done in his past, is not something she would want his sons to follow.

During that interview, she said,

“Don’t try to normalize what you have done. Like your life is not normal, it’s not no model that I want Amir to follow, Amoni to follow, Cadence to follow. Not, and I don’t think their mothers would either.”



The couple stepped into The Shade Room, as Kendra clarified her comments and shared that she wants their sons to have the best life possible, and doesn’t want them to face similar struggles.

She said,

“Some of the things people say about Jasiel, whatever it might be that’s negative. I don’t want people saying those things about our sons. I don’t want people viewing them in that light, and I don’t want them to have to go through any strife that might stem from anything of that nature.”


She continued to share the things she loves about Joc, and the characteristics he possesses that she wants their sons to have, and also shared some of the positive things they have already picked up from their father.


Kendra continued to explain that the interview where the debate took place was right after the #LHHATL reunion, so at the moment tensions were still high, and she wasn’t able to clearly verbalize her full thoughts.

As previously reported, Joc and Kendra officially tied the knot last November, and their wedding appeared on the latest season of Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta.



TSR STAFF: Jade Ashley @Jade_Ashley94

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