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Diddy Says Yung Miami Is His ‘Shawty Wop’ Not A ‘Side Chick’

Diddy speaks! Brother Love has been pretty quiet since he shocked the world with his daddy-of-seven news on December 10. We’ve seen him retweeting an interview, liking tweets about his tequila brand, and sharing his usual motivational messages.

But Diddy was social-media-silent as the rapper came against Akademiks and online users on Monday over being dubbed his ‘side chick.’ Finally, more than 24 hours after Miami and Akademiks traded insults, accusations, and petty promo, Brother Love decided to address the critiques–namely, the side chick one.

“@yungmiami is not my side chick. Never has been, never will be. She’s very important and special to me, and I don’t play about my Shawty Wop. I don’t discuss things on the internet, and I will not start today,” he tweeted.

Though he said he doesn’t discuss his business online, he follow-up with another tweet. The second tweet was seemingly made with Akademiks and other critics in mind–though Diddy didn’t specify.

“So think what you want. But know that if you do something to hurt mine, I’m gonna come to your house and we’re gonna talk about it like human beings,” Diddy tweeted.

Yung Miami seemingly responded to Diddy’s tweet with a screenshot of Birdman telling The Breakfast Club hosts to “put some respect on [his] name.” 

Here’s What Happened Between Akademiks & Yung Miami After He Called Her A ‘Side Chick’

Akademiks wasn’t the only person labeling Miami ‘a side chick,’ but on Monday (December 13), she called him out on Twitter. The podcast host triggered the call-out with a tweet made hours after Diddy’s baby announcement.

Though he didn’t name Miami in the tweet, he directly addressed her in a YouTube video published on Monday. First, he defined a city girl as “a low self-esteem chick…a placeholder on a roster.”  

“Yung Miami is like Diddy’s side chick. Like one of them…he got like eight, nine. Okay, maybe I shouldn’t call her a side chick because everybody, like how can she be a side if she the main? She’s on the roster,” Akademiks said.

So, Yung Miami popped off on Akademiks, and he popped back. She accused him of being a “b***h a** n***a” and “police a** b*oty boy.” In turn, he claimed she was undergoing a mental breakdown over the baby news and claimed that Miami was acting like she learned Diddy’s life update from the internet–like the rest of us.

She denied his claims. Both of them later threw petty shots at each other. He offered “babysitting tips” in a Twitch promotional tweet, and she gave Caresha Please shoppers a one-day 20% discount using the code LILAK.

Keep scrolling to see AK and Yung Miami’s tweeted exchanges: 

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