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‘At Some Point, It Has To Stop’ Chrissy Lampkin And Jim Jones Share Heated Convo About Marriage

Chrissy Lampkin, the longtime girlfriend of Diplomats member Jim Jones, has abandoned her dreams of walking down the aisle with the rapper.

In a clip circulating on social media, the couple appears to be vacationing on a boat when the Bronx-born, Harlem-bred rapper poses a question to Lampkin about a future wedding and he’s stunned by her reaction.

You don’t want to get married to me?

“No,” Lampkin straightforwardly replies.

For real, I can’t make you want to get married. I can only ask you [and] tell you that’s what I wanna do.

Lampkin goes on to explain how Jones seems to require certain things of her but remains “mean,” “cold,” and “distant.”

You want me to be this loving, sexual, crazy, cook, this, that and the other. But you come home and you’re mean and you’re cold and you’re distant.

Jones then acknowledges that he puts Lampkin “through a lot,” noting that he’s always focusing on business and sometimes neglecting the well-being of his personal relationships.

I always been a man of my family, so all I know how to do is try to support and try to make money. I don’t want you thinking I’m selfish in any way, because I love you more than I could love anything in this world… It’s been a long road.

Chrissy agrees, but firmly tells Jones that “at some point, it has to stop.”

The Couple’s Conversation Gets Heated

“Where would you want to get married at?” Jones asks Lampkin.

“What?” she confusedly replies. “What are you talking about right now — where would I want to get married at? We haven’t even like — you just skipped like 12 steps.”

Lampkin proceeds to explain her confusion.

You went from talking about how you want to do better and this, that, and the other to — no, ‘I promise I’m going to work on it’ — you went to where I want to get married?

Lampkin goes on to say she feels like Jones is throwing himself a “pity party.”

Because you talking about you’re sorry about what you put me through, but have you really talked about the steps that it’s going to take for us to do better? You’re promising me s**t and you’re talking about it — I asked you to show me.

She also goes on to say that Jones is “all over the place with his emotions.” And “not once” has he made her feel like his decision to get married was “solidified.”

And then you go from telling me how you feel, to not asking how I feel… It just felt crazy to hear you go from that to ‘Where would you like to get married?’ You didn’t ask me if I still wanted to get married.

Jones Questions Whether Lampkin Would Rather Marry Someone Else

At this point, the conversation seems to go all the way left for the couple.

Is there somebody out there that you think you would like to be married to — whoever this person is? Because obviously, it doesn’t seem like me — it doesn’t feel like it’s me.

Joens resorts to saying that maybe he’s just a “f*****d up person who doesn’t “know how to love.”

The clip shared on social media appears to be a part of an early look at VH1’s Family Reunion: Love & Hip Hop Edition season three, scheduled to air Mondays at 8 p.m. EST.

Roommates, what have you got to say about this?

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