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Anthony Mackie Says He Thinks She-Hulk: Attorney At Law Is A Great Show

The Marvel Cinematic Universe has been in something of an unchartered territory in its Phase 4. While the first 3 phases had a clear plan which lead all the way to Avengers: Infinity War and Avenger: Endgame, Phase 4 was mostly left to rebuild the MCU as most of the previously built arcs and characters were gone. This opened the doors for a lot of new characters, a lot of new stories and a lot of new methods to tell said stories. Phase 4 introduced Disney+ shows to the MCU which was an entirely new format.

Fans have had mixed reactions to this new era in the MCU with some thinking that it is great and others having a hard time adjusting but one Anthony Mackie is very happy with the work being done so far.

Anthony Mackie is one of the few people who is still around from the early days of the MCU but his character has had a major upgrade, dropping the Falcon moniker to now become the MCU’s active Captain America. One of the first Disney+ shows was in fact The Falcon and The Winter Soldier, which saw Anthony’s character Sam Wilson struggle with accepting the responsibility of being Captain America only to eventually embrace it.

Mackie was questioned regarding his thoughts on the current state and of the future of the MCU and he specifically name dropped She-Hulk: Attorney At Law and said that he thought that show did a great job. His exact comments while speaking to IMDB were as follows:

“She-Hulk was great, being the last series to come out on Disney+. You know, it was just different than their norm. You could see Marvel giving writers the opportunity to spread their wings and look at the Marvel universe in a different way.”

Mackie’s own MCU future involves an upcoming Captain America 4 movie titled, Captain America: New World Order, which will further follow the story of Mackie in the boots of Captain America.

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