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Ana De Armas Claims To Have Seen Marilyn Monroe Movies Numerous Times

Ana de Armas spent several hours poring over footage from Marilyn Monroe’s movies to perfect her act as Blonde.

De Armas, who is currently 34 years old, will assume the role of the legendary Hollywood actress who passed away when she was 36 years old, exactly 60 years ago. According to what De Armas said in an interview with AnOther magazine while working on Blonde, she watched some of Marilyn Monroe’s movies hundreds of times each.

Both the actual Marilyn in the scene and I were displayed on separate monitors for Director Andrew Dominik. And everything, including every conceivable perspective, had to be precisely the same. She explained how she managed to pull off the eerie recreations by saying that she has watched the movies hundreds and hundreds of times.

During the production of the movie, De Armas said that she “experienced a lot of fear and insecurity” on the set, and she was told to put those emotions into her performance as Marilyn Monroe. De Armas also stated that she had “experienced a lot of dread and uncertainty.”

I had the impression that I was in a position of great exposure. Not only in particular challenging scenes but also throughout the entire process, de Armas claimed it was stressful for her. I was under the impression that I was doing it incorrectly the majority of the time.

I couldn’t help but wonder what these American actors were thinking of me as I watched them. They have a more in-depth familiarity with this individual than I do because they have grown up along with her. I can’t help but wonder what they make of my accent.

Andrew was able to pick up on the awkwardness I was exuding, and he immediately told me, “That’s how she felt.” She went on to say that you should accept it. She constantly had the impression that she was being assessed and undervalued, which led to feelings of insecurity and unpreparedness. Therefore, I needed to have faith that my feelings were adding another layer.

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